ジャズ ユーフォニアム



The Complete Whitey Mitchell Sessions
Steve Lacy

S.Sax. : S. Lacy, A.Fl, T. Sax. : H. Mann, tp. : D. Stratton
Ten.hr. : T. Stewart, p. : D. McKenna, g. : J. Puma, bs. : W. Mitchell
d. : O. Johnson, A. Levitt (LONE HILL JAZS LHJ10130)

It Could Happen to You
Lover Man
Strike Up the Band
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart
Once in a While
Young Lesley
You Stepped Out of a Dream
Over the Rainbow
Why Don't You Take Up the Piccolo?
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
Out of Nowhere
My Heart Is a Hobo
Fidgety Feet
Let's Get Lost
Things I Love
Some of These Days


Socratic irony
The TUBA Band

eu. : S.Hokazono, J.Yamaoka, tu. : Y. Abe, S. Ogino,
tb. loop. sample.: Y. Murata
(佼成出版社 KOCD-2515)

Socratic irony/Yoichi Murata
*A Change of Colors
*Cadenza 1 (Abe)
*Monkish Breath)
*Cadenza 2 (Yamaoka)
*A Tender Waltz)
*Cadenza 3 (Hokazono)
*An Embrace
*Cadenza 4 (Ogino)
*4,7,3 and More
Second Hart/Yoichi Murata
Over the Rainbow/Harold Arlen(arr.Jun Yamaoka)
Spain/Chick Corea(arr.Norio Maeda)
3 Milongas/Enrique Crespo
Tequila/Chuck Rio(arr.Norio Maeda)

 山岡潤氏のsoloが炸裂! かういふCDを待ってゐた、といふ感じ。全曲 JAZZ といふ譯ではないが、お薦めの一枚。Second Hart の、山岡潤氏と村田陽一氏のバトルは、必聽です(よく聽かないとどちらがユーフォニアムだか、わかなくなったりします(笑))。


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